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Readers’ Choice Awards 2016

We asked and you definitely answered! In fact, thousands of you, our well-travelled readers, shared what you’re loving right now when it comes to travel: your favourite destinations, the accommodation you prefer and the adventures you are dreaming of taking all around this wonderful world.

Reading through the myriad answers we received filled us with renewed wanderlust. We hope it does the same for you, too. 

Best country in the world to travel in…

1. Italy

2. USA
3. France
4. New Zealand
5. Canada
6. Vietnam
7. Japan
8. Thailand
9. England
10. Turkey

Spain, Greece, Cambodia, India, Switzerland, Ireland and Peru

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Best place for an expedition

1. Antarctica

2. African safari
3. Vietnam (Mekong)
4. China
5. New Zealand

Nepal (Everest Base Camp)

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Best beachy island holiday

1. Fiji

2. Hawai‘i
3. Bali / Thailand
5. Tahiti
6. Vanuatu
7. Cook Islands
8. Greek Islands
9. Mauritius
10. Philippines

Isle of Pines, Samoa, Langkawi, Penang, Zanzibar, Sri Lanka, Croatia

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Best place to get close to wildlife

1. South Africa

2. Kenya
3. Canada
4. Botswana
5. Tanzania
6. Alaska
7. Galápagos
8. Borneo
9. Costa Rica

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Best place for a family getaway

1. Fiji

2. Disneyland
3. Bali
4. Hawai‘i
5. New Zealand

USA, Thailand, cruising, Singapore

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Best place to get your ski on

1. New Zealand

2. Japan
3. Canada
4. USA
5. Switzerland

Dubai, with one vote

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Best place for a short break

1. Singapore

2. Paris
3. New York
4. London
5. Bangkok
6. Bali
7. Auckland
8. Hawai‘i
9. Queenstown
10. Dubai

Barcelona, Rome, San Francisco, Amsterdam, Kuala Lumpur, Japan, Venice

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Best road trip…

1. Route 66, USA

2. West Coast USA, with a hefty contribution from the Pacific Coast Highway drive between Los Angeles and San Francisco
3. USA
4. New Zealand, especially the South Island
5. Canada

The drive from Tehran to northern Iran that someone mentioned

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Best place for food and wine

1. France

2. Italy
3. Spain
4. New Zealand
5. Singapore
6. Thailand
7. Greece

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Best train journey you love

1. Canadian Rockies
(The Rocky Mountaineer)

2. The Trans-Siberian Railway
3. The Orient Express
4. Switzerland, any journey, any time
5. The Blue Train, South Africa (Cape Town to Pretoria)

The Shinkansen in Japan, but we like the sound of the Palace on Wheels in Rajasthan, India

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Best destination for adventure

1. New Zealand
(with the focus on Queenstown)

2. Africa
3. South America
4. USA
5. Canada
6. South Africa
7. Thailand
8. Nepal
9. Peru
10. Antarctica

Find the most adventurous things to do with your ATAS-accredited travel agent. 
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Best destination to get off the beaten track

1. Antarctica

2. Iceland
3. Africa
4. Cambodia / Myanmar
6. New Zealand
7. Vietnam
8. Nepal
9. Borneo
10. Peru

The islands of Norway, Altyn Arashan Valley in Kyrgyzstan, the Amazon, Albania, Namibia, Honduras

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Best destination to go cruising

1. Alaska

2. The Mediterranean
3. European rivers
4. The Northwest Passage of Canada and Alaska
5. The Caribbean
6. Antarctica
7. The Pacific
8. Greek islands
9. The Mekong

P&O, Princess, Royal Caribbean, APT, Carnival, Celebrity, Scenic

With endless cruise lines to choose from, your ATAS-accredited travel agent will know which one’s best for you. 
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Best airline


2. Emirates
3. Singapore
4. Virgin
5. Etihad

Qatar Airways

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Best airport in the world

1. Singapore Changi

2. Hong Kong International
3. Heathrow
4. Bangkok
5. Kuala Lumpur

Did you know Singapore’s Changi airport has a 12-metre slide which is free when you spend $10 in the airport. For more industry insights ask an ATAS-accredited travel agent. 
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Best stopover destination

1. Singapore

2. Hong Kong
3. Dubai
4. Kuala Lumpur
5. London

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Best luxury hotel

1. Raffles, Singapore

2. Marina Bay Sands, Singapore
3. Burj Al Arab, Dubai
4. The Peninsula, Hong Kong
5. Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise in Canada

Hilton, Sofitel, Fairmont, Sheraton, Hyatt

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Best family accommodation

1. Disney Resorts

2. Club Med
3. Castaway Island Fiji
4. Hilton Hawaiian Village

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Travel agency of the year


New South Wales
Queanbeyan City Travel & Cruise


Weston Cruise & Travel

South Australia
Kingscote Travel

Home Travel Company

Meridian Travel

Western Australia
italktravel Hillarys

Discover Travel & Cruise

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Your ultimate destination for travel…


…with a big contribution from Italy and France, of course!

Antarctica, Canada, Africa, New York, Iceland, Alaska, the Maldives

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