Quantum of the Seas – heaven or hell? You decide.

International Traveller’s Quentin Long was given exclusive access to the world’s newest cruise ship Quantum of the Seas in New York, before she welcomed her first paying guests. Here he shares a photo portfolio of his time, and his verdict…

Can I be honest?

More than 90 per cent of you have already dismissed this story as “not for you” because despite the fact that you have never ever been on one, you “hate cruising” and this Quantum of the Seas is just another “floating RSL”.

I get it.

Common perception is, cruise liners are just one big enclosed God’s waiting room where zimmer frames battle at the buffet for mediocre oil-drenched food.

This can be true, particularly in Australia where we do not get the latest and greatest ships.

But please, indulge me for a second.

Suspend all your prejudices, your preconceived ideas and let me independently guide you though Quantum of the Seas – the cutting edge of cruise ships in the world.

View the following image gallery (above) and you may surprise yourself…