Photo Essay: Before They Pass

British photographer Jimmy Nelson, captures local tribes and indigenous people from around the globe before they disappear.

British photographer Jimmy Nelson spent three years visiting remote locations in far flung places around the world to document the local tribes and indigenous people who dwell there before they disappear from the landscapes that many of them have inhabited for millennia.

Working with a 50-year-old plate camera, his images are starkly beautiful in their execution, capturing the humble pride of these often ancient people, from the Rabari of India to the Maori of New Zealand to the Karo of Africa.

The resulting book, Before They Pass Away (teNeus, $165 or $9820 for a hand-signed and numbered collectors’ edition featuring 500 images and three art prints), is a compelling visual journey across the globe, filled with colour, drama and beauty.

A fitting memorial for a noble cause.

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This article appeared in issue 10


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