Olivia Palermo’s must-pack style staples when travelling

Television star, fashion icon and Max Mara ambassador – here Olivia Palermo shares her best tips to maintaining style on your travels.  

As a stylist, fashion consultant, model and executive editor of her eponymous blog, the sublime Olivia Palermo travels the world endlessly tracking trends and looking fabulous in the process.

Her latest collaboration has seen her take on the role of style ambassador with Italian fashion house Max Mara, sharing her secrets to packing light and extolling the virtues of a multi-tasking blazer.


How do you define style?

“The word style for me involves independence. Everyone has their own personal style and their own approach to style; it is what creates your identity.”

When it comes to your wardrobe, what is your go-to item?

“I love a structured blazer. You can wear it during the day, you can wear it at night and you can also wear it to a black tie function. It’s definitely multi-use.”

What is your secret to comfortable, effortless long-haul travel?

“A cosy cashmere sweater.”

What helps you keep your cool in the heat of summer?

“Breezy chiffons, easy denim and cool cotton in bright stripes.”

How do you define your personal style and aesthetic?

“My aesthetic is eclectic but there is always a polished element to it. It’s a little structured and definitely accessorised.

I like to add pops of colour to an outfit in a watch, a pair of socks, a belt, a bag or even a pair of sunglasses.”