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Best-kept travel secrets in Canada

Try as you might to trawl through countless travel brochures, some of the best travel experiences are known only to those who live there. Here to reveal Canada's best hidden gems, disclosed by locals and regular visitors. 
Service with a smile
Why you need to Catch a floatplane to Virginia Falls
Soar you way to one of the world's great waterfalls.  Read more
Beluga whale watching near Churchill, Manitoba
7 Snorkel with Canadian belugas
Snorkel with Canada's wonderful beluga whales.  Read more
Lunch is served
12 Live large on lobsters on Prince Edward Island
Dine on the freshest lobster in the world on Prince Edward Island.  Read more
Wild winter weather
19 Witness the fury of winter from The Wick
Get in touch with Mother Nature's wild side at the windswept edge of Canada.  Read more
All smiles
20 Dance with Bonhomme at the Carnaval de Québec
Revel at the wonderful Carnaval de Québec, one of the world's largest outdoor festivals. Read more
Inside a longhouse
21 Spend a storied evening in a First Nations longhouse
Go back in time with the First People in a traditional Canadian longhouse. Read more
Caribou in motion
22 Migrate to the arctic north with the Canadian caribou
Get amidst a giant Canadian caribou herd in the frozen Nunavut territory.  Read more
Mass migration
24 Stand in awe for the mass Canadian reindeer migration
Watch a wildlife phenomenon like no other as the Canadian reindeer migrate. Read more
A structure at Torngat
Get nose to nose with Inuit culture in the Torngat Mountains
Have a cultural experience at one of Canada's most remote, but also most beautiful locations. It's number #29 in the 100 things to do in Canada before you die. Read more
Mists of time
  32 Paddle the Great Spirit Circle Trail
Get in touch with the spirits of Canada in north-eastern Ontario.  Read more
The river wild
33 Raft down Canada’s wildest river systems
Get your heart pumping in the wilds of the Nahanni National Park Reserve. Read more
Docking at sunset
37 Explore the Inside Passage with BC Ferries
Venture through the intricate waterways of British Colombia's Inside Passage. Read more
Slow going
38 Track a Canadian ice road to the roof of the world
Drive carefully on one of the iciest (and most beautiful) roads on earth. Read more
Harboured boats
42 Discover the magic of Magdalen
Discover a hidden Canadian island chain that has much to offer.  Read more
Mont Royal, Montreal
  49 Marvel at Montréal from majestic Mont Royal
Stretch your legs and feast your eyes with a walk to the top of Mont Royal.  Read more
Gros Morne Mantle
54 Tread the earth’s exposed mantle at Gros Morne
See the inner working's of this planet of ours at Gros Morne.  Read more
Paddling with the dolphins
56 Conquer the Arctic with Lazy Bear Lodge
Take all the polar you can bear at one of Canada's most unique lodges.  Read more
Destination BC
  57 Fly in ultimate style from Vancouver to Whistler
Fly over wonderful BC scenery (and many miles of traffic) as you fly from Vancouver to Whistler. Read more
Glide and seek
60 Glide along the Canadian Rideau Canal Skateway
Get you skates on and glide along one Canada's prettiest canals. Read more
Old town
63 Explore 400 years of history in Old Québec
Stroll back in time, treading the streets of a city that's more than 400 years old.  Read more
Hands in the air
64 Tiptoe across the centuries-old snow of Canada’s Columbian Icefields
Ice is nice on the wonderful journey onto an ancient glacier. Read more
Many hues of yellow
68 Explore the ancient Canadian homes of 10th-century Vikings
Learn about Canada's surprising Viking history. Read more
Ferry good
71 Hike Vancouver’s incredible West Coast Trail
Stroll along a hikers paradise in British Colombia's West Coast Trail.  Read more
One of the finest
73 Line up for a smoked meat sandwich at Schwartz’s in Montréal
Open wide and get ready for one of the world's greatest sandwiches.  Read more
The swag
74 Dig for giant clams on Canada’s Prince Edward Island
Dine on the freshest seafood while feasting on the most gorgeous views.  Read more
Arcadian dancing
75 Make merry with L’Acadie in Canada’s New Brunswick
Live, love and be merry in a festival about Acadian culture. Read more
All smiles
76 Wander the vines of the Okanagan Valley
Enjoy and imbibe in the fertile and gorgeous Okanagan Valley. Read more
Selfie time
77 Feel the funk at the Fredericton Harvest Jazz and Blues Festival
Tap your toes and feast your eyes at one of the world's most gorgeous music festivals.  Read more
Lake Superior is the largest of the Great Lakes in North America,
79 Track Lake Superior from Sault Ste Marie to Thunder Bay
Hit the road- and not just any road, but one of the most beautiful you'll find anywhere. Read more
80 Crack the Hermetic Code in Manitoba
Do your own super-sleuthing in one of North America's most mysterious buildings.  Read more
Delicious Beaver Tail
83 Bite into a BeaverTails at Canada’s ByWard
Bite into a sweet, sticky piece of Canadian culture that you won't regret.  Read more
What a view
85 Paddle Canada’s Moraine Lake, Louise’s little sister
Spend some time on a lake whose scenery is on the money.  Read more
Skyline Trail in Jasper National Park, Canada.
90 Scale the Skyline Trail in Jasper National Park
Venture out into Canada's gorgeous Jasper National Park, following the beautiful Skyline Trail.  Read more
92 Celebrate Celtic colour and culture in Cape Breton
Channel your inner William Wallace right in the middle of Canada. Read more
Looking for fossils
93 Forage for fossils in the Alberta Badlands
Walk with the dinosaurs in Canada's striking Badlands.  Read more
Story time
96 Canoe and connect with Mi’kmaq culture
Step (or paddle) back into a time of Canadian legend, lore and foundation.  Read more
97 Cruise among the Palaces and Palisades of Canada’s Thousand Islands
Meander back in time aboard a classic Canadian day cruise.  Read more
100 Kiss the cod in Newfoundland
You made it! Now drink some grog, and kiss a fish to celebrate. Read more