New moon: the best places to have buddy, honey and babymoons

Mum, Dad and the kids! We uncover the new travel trends in honeymooning. 

The Buddymoon

One of the biggest travel trends right now is the Buddymoon.

An increasingly popular alternative to a traditional honeymoon, buddymoons, as the name implies, involves taking a bunch of friends with you on holidays after the wedding and enjoying the time en masse. Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux headed to Tahiti after their surprise wedding last year taking a clique of close friends including Courteney Cox and Jason Bateman with them to soak up the sun and fun of the idyllic Pacific islands.

Buddymoons are often the result of weddings held in exotic locales overseas; with friends and family travelling long distances to celebrate the wedding it then makes sense for everyone to stick around and enjoy the setting together.

Buddymoon destinations:

  • Europe is a popular choice, especially France and Italy.
    Hire a large Tuscan villa with a pool and lots of countryside to explore to keep everybody busy; in France, the south, with its rolling fields of sunflowers, picture-postcard villages and proximity to the azure Mediterranean waters can’t be beaten.
  • Hire a villa in Bali compete with pools and staff for the ultimate drop-and-flop buddymoon.
  • Check in to a private island like Fiji’s Dolphin Island for complete seclusion with your nearest and dearest.
    Its private bures mean everyone can get away when they want to.

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The Honeymoon

Of course, the traditional honeymoon is still a time-honoured tradition for many, but with most couples these days living together before tying the knot, honeymoons are now as much about an escape from the everyday as an opportunity to cosset yourself away and get to know each other as man and wife.

For this reason many newlyweds are looking for a combination of relaxation and recreation.

Hawai‘i is an ideal choice, with beaches and activities in equal measure, while somewhere like Thailand offers the mix of a beach getaway (try Point Yamu by COMO for an un-Phuket Phuket escape) and city break.

Trips like this allow couples to create instant shared experiences and set an itinerary that keeps both happy.

The Babymoon

The chance to escape for a last getaway as a couple before the joys of parenthood and decades of ‘family holidays’, the babymoon doesn’t seem to be diminishing.

Island escapes are a popular option here, allowing the mummy-to-be lots of opportunity to relax and unwind.

You want to pick somewhere with a good track record for cleanliness – ending up with a bug when pregnant is not fun no matter how many palm trees you can see from your sick bed – and ease of travel (no political unrest, recent coups or lack of consular representation, just in case).

Short-haul breaks are the ideal option here: a luxury lodge in New Zealand, a five-star resort in Fiji or Tahiti or perhaps something closer to home like the Whitsundays: qualia or Hayman Island are both great choices.

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