Must-visit Pacific Islands: Savaii, Samoa



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  • Debbie Harvey says:

    I love Savaii. My husband and I circumnavigated the island and enjoyed every bit of the one and half weeks we were there. We spent 4 weeks altogether in Samoa. It’s a beautiful place and I recommend it to anyone who is thinking of travelling there.

    I love those little beachside huts you mentioned. They are lifesavers in the Samoan warm climate because of their open sides. But can I just point out a little error here? You called them bures when they are actually called fales. Bures are Fijian thatched roof huts and are different from the Samoan thatched roof huts the fales.

    I must say that I love your 10 must-visit Secret Pacific Islands.

    Cheers and happy travel.