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London restaurants in City, Holborn, Clerkenwell and Shoreditch

The IT edit of where to eat, drink and be merry in City, Holborn, Clerkenwell and Shoreditch.


Price guide is as follows:

$ = You can be satisfied for less than ₤15 per head including a glass or two

$$ = ₤15-₤25 per head

$$$ = ₤25-₤40 per head

$$$$ = ₤40-₤75 per head

$$$$$ = ₤75 plus per head


Duck and Waffle

Heron Tower, 110 Bishopsgate EC2

Underground: Liverpool St
Price Guide: $$

Surprising, but London doesn’t have many in the all-night category.
Duck and Waffle goes one step further, being on the 40th floor of a city building.
Watch the sun rise over London through well-partied (or maybe jetlagged eyes) tucking into the eponymous confit duck with a fried duck egg on a waffle for ₤17.


St John’s

26 St John St, Smithfield EC1
Underground: Farringdon / Barbican
Price Guide: $$$

The birthplace of British revival cooking, St John’s now has several restaurants dotted across London.
The initial Smithfield residence in an old smokehouse was the seminal joint for the pared-back-to-basics menu and setting that we see all too commonly today.
A menu that includes such rarities as grouse or hare or lamb’s tongue, the menu is kind enough to point out that they try to avoid it but can’t guarantee that all game birds are free of lead shot.
That should not put you off.
There is also a great deal of far more approachable roast beef with horseradish, braised lamb or whole baked fish.



6-8 Hanbury Street, Spitalfields E1
Underground: Shoreditch High St
Price Guide: $

If a great English meal of fish and chips is what you seek, then do not pass go, do not collect $200, head straight to Poppies.
The fun fish bar serves sustainably sourced fish of great quality in a good batter.
The full repertoire of East End fishy delicacies are on the very affordable menu (₤8-₤12 for a fish supper) including the stomach-challenging jellied eel.
They have a sister store in Camden.



7 Boundary Street, Shoreditch E2
Underground: Shoreditch High St
Price Guide: $

Billing itself as a traditional Bombay café, this is an inexpensive, spicy flavour sensation that doesn’t swim in greasy gravy.
Open for breakfast to dinner till late, the seasoned grills (₤7-₤11) are ample meals but the pulled lamb bun (Lamb Raan Bun ₤12) is the winner.
Another Dishoom is in Convent Garden.

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