How to get a cheaper airfare

We’d all like to get more for less when it comes to booking flights, and these five money-saving tricks promise to help achieve just that…

1. Be flexible with departure dates and times

Fares often differ, depending on the time of day you travel, or the day of the week.

Always look two days on either side of the date you have in mind to see if you can make a saving, and if there’s more than one flight to your destination per day, compare prices based on departure times.

2. Compare airlines

Log on to a travel booking site like Skyscanner, Webjet, HelloWorld or Expedia to compare prices.

These sites pull together flights from myriad airlines, displaying the total price of each and allowing you to book the cheapest, most convenient option.

3. Don’t travel during peak periods

OK, if you want to spend Christmas with the in-laws, you will need to travel during the busiest time of year and you are going to pay for it, but if your plans aren’t so strict then try to avoid seasonal peak periods and school holidays.

And if the in-laws can wait, to celebrate Christmas on Boxing Day, there are usually good savings to be made by travelling on 25 December.

4. Sign up to airline websites

Airlines often announce special fares and destination sales via their websites, so sign up for email updates and stay on top of hot deals.

5. Consider flying into an alternative airport

Many big cities have more than one airport that you can fly into, and the smaller the size or the further from the city centre, the better in terms of price.

The money you save will usually be more than the price of a train or bus ride in the right direction.