Immerse yourself in a whole new cruising experience

A night here, a day there… to some, a cruising experience might appear to simply skim the surface of your destination. But there’s no need to stay in the shallows; it’s time to immerse yourself in a whole new world of experience.

***This article was created in conjunction with our sponsors Holland America Line ***

An excellent cruising holiday includes intuitive, attentive service, luxuriously appointed staterooms and sensational dining – and Holland America Line has already got that down perfectly, to more than 425 of the world’s great ports of call no less. However, a really outstanding, once-in-a-lifetime cruising holiday – one that you’ll remember forever – takes more than just a ship to move you. So – what moves you? What will take you deeper?

The cruise line’s brand new EXC-In-Depth Voyages will take you there, body and soul. Both onboard and onshore activities have been themed into six categories: photography; food, wine and spirits; active exploration; nature and science; history and perspective; arts and culture. You might like to theme your entire journey a single way, or choose from the range of themed activities any way you like: focus on photography on a colourful Pacific island, then get your science on as you study the volcanic forces behind Krakatoa.

Expect an entirely different onboard experience – as the first vessel of the fleet to embrace the In-Depth Voyages, the famously elegant, mid-sized Maasdam (holding only 1258 guests) is set to put small-group workshops, onboard learning and cultural activities front and centre. That means its main-stage productions and Club HAL kids’ activities have been replaced with a focus on your destination, led by experts in their fields. Even before you’ve set foot on dry land, you’ll be immersed in indigenous culture, learn new photographic techniques, or enjoy local musicians.

Choosing an itinerary becomes more important than ever, with each destination flavouring your journey via those six different themes. To create the ultimate bucket-list holiday, you could even combine voyages to mix up, for example, the palm-fringed expansiveness of the Maldives with the impossible bustle of Hong Kong. Exploring new reaches of the world in a whole new way – isn’t that what travel is all about?

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