Havana now: photo journey with George Fetting

With recent changes to US sanctions and trade agreements with Cuba, this Caribbean island is set to see some major changes over the coming years.

Here, multi-award-winning photographer George Fetting, explores its capital city Havana.

The time capsule that Cuba has been frozen in for 50 years is about to thaw.

Thanks to the US and Obama administration opening up trade and softening sanctions, Cuba is set to undergo some major changes in the next few years.

So before big business begins, I travelled to Havana to capture the city in all its delightfully dated glory.

Havana is photographer’s dream, devoid of street advertising and junk food chains. No billboards, hoardings and large multi-national trademarks – at times, it’s eerily similar to 1950s USA.

I have mixed feeling about the impending ‘progress’ and how irrevocably things will change when sanctions are finally lifted.

Havana possesses a dilapidated splendour that must be preserved, not painted over.


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