Fiji – where date nights and family holidays combine

Why Fiji is loved by parents seeking quality time together, and energetic kids alike.

***This article was created in partnership with our sponsor, Tourism Fiji***

Do you have to allocate one night a week as a “date night” with your partner to ensure quality time together without the kids?

Well, every night is “date night” in Fiji! With world-famous kids’ clubs and facilities, excellent cultural programs and an unsurpassed affinity with children, there is nowhere in the world you can
be as comfortable leaving your kids as in Fiji.

If you want to “unplug your kids” from their digital world and reconnect as a family, Fiji is the place to do it.

Rediscover the joy of simple pleasures – like walking on the beach and collecting shells, attending resort crab and frog races, snorkelling or simply just “being” together – there’s nowhere in the world like it.

Fiji – where happiness finds you.


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