Europe’s 35 secret travel gems

With a stunning 35 entries on the 100 Secret Gems You Need to Know About’ (click for the full list), it’s pretty clear that Europe is still one of our and your firm favourites.  

Your suggestions have taken us to far and fantastic ends of The Continent. Once again in, no particular order; just listed by country. Next time you travel to Europe, do something that won’t be on the brochures.

What corner of Europe do you want to go to? Simply click where you want to go (or just take a lucky dip)…


>> Feldkirchen in Kärnten, Austria


Hallerbos, Belgium << 


>> Tallinn, Estonia


France – 7 Secret Travel Gems <<


>> Greece – 4 Secret Travel Gems


Italy – 8 Secret Travel Gems <<


>> Krusevo, Macedonia


Xlendi, Gozo, Malta << 


>> Netherlands – 2 Secret Travel Gems


Evora, Portugal  << 


>> Sibiu, Romania


Banska Bystrica, Slovakia << 


>> Spain – 2 Secret Travel Gems


Brienz, Switzerland <<


>> Suzdal, Russia


Faralya, Turkey <<


>> Ljubljana, Slovenia


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