Chur to Alp Grüm, a delightfully crazy Swiss journey



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  • Maria Kyriacou says:

    Over 20 years ago I saw the magnificent Swiss mountains and have told my daughter one day I’d take her. The train trip is the perfect way to show her all this beauty!


    That train trip sounds delightful

  • Shannon Page says:

    The article has added this gorgeous journey to my bucket list. My wife’s a nurse who’s spent a career caring for others, she deserves the pampering that would come with this trip of a lifetime. Thanks for sharing, it’s gorgeous!

  • Michael Sasse says:

    Nice article. I know Swiss railways (and especially this one!) quite well and would say this article is pretty accurate. Nobody with a pulse could fail to be inspired by this journey. Two quick thoughts…:
    1. “The train pauses for 15 minutes…” Actually, most don’t stop for more than a moment – but this is only a problem if you’re on the last train of the day!
    2. Alp Grüm is indeed a fantastic destination, especially to stay overnight. But the journey onwards to the Puschlav valley / Val Poschiavo and into Italy through the streets of Tirano must not be missed either: it’s quite as spectacular! (If you want, you can then travel on from Tirano to Milan on an Italian train).