Chur to Alp Grüm, a delightfully crazy Swiss journey



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  • Jennifer Bannister says:

    All 3 options are incredible! The Bernina Express from Chur would fulfill my life-long dream to experience the spectacular scenery, crazy curves and bridges.

  • Maria Kyriacou says:

    Over 20 years ago I saw the magnificent Swiss mountains and have told my daughter one day I’d take her. The train trip is the perfect way to show her all this beauty!

  • Joe says:

    As the son of a railway worker, I did a lot of travelling on trains in my younger days, but absolutely nothing compares with this!!


    That train trip sounds delightful

  • Shannon Page says:

    The article has added this gorgeous journey to my bucket list. My wife’s a nurse who’s spent a career caring for others, she deserves the pampering that would come with this trip of a lifetime. Thanks for sharing, it’s gorgeous!

  • Michael Sasse says:

    Nice article. I know Swiss railways (and especially this one!) quite well and would say this article is pretty accurate. Nobody with a pulse could fail to be inspired by this journey. Two quick thoughts…:
    1. “The train pauses for 15 minutes…” Actually, most don’t stop for more than a moment – but this is only a problem if you’re on the last train of the day!
    2. Alp Grüm is indeed a fantastic destination, especially to stay overnight. But the journey onwards to the Puschlav valley / Val Poschiavo and into Italy through the streets of Tirano must not be missed either: it’s quite as spectacular! (If you want, you can then travel on from Tirano to Milan on an Italian train).