Edinburgh Festival… from the Edinburgh experts

Three Edinburgh Festival performers give their tips to get the most out of (and survive) the craziness.

Monkey Poet

An award-winning writer/performer of solo plays and stand-up poetry – an Edinburgh veteran of four years.

Favourite Edinburgh moment: Last year there was a mix-up with the couch I was supposed to be sleeping on and I spent a night on the park bench. A policeman asked me to stand unaided (a drunk poet not looking that different from a vagabond). I woke up, struggled to my feet and said, “Sorry mate, gotta dash, I’ve got a show to do!” His stunned look as I ran off is one I’ll take with me to the grave.

Tip for festival virgins: Take a day out and climb Arthur’s Seat, the hill overlooking the city. The view is just breathtaking.

Bruce Devlin

An Edinburgh-based comic and TV chat show presenter.

Favourite Edinburgh moment: Being in the clubs till 5:00am, then on to a private party and then stumbling in to do my lunchtime chat show to great delight of the guests

Tip for festival virgins: Don’t overdo it – assess how long you are here for, pace yourself and do some tourist stuff. Oh and if you are out for the day, take deodorant and a change of T-shirt.

Tom Webb

A comic in his fourth year at the Fringe. tomwebb.info

Favourite Edinburgh moment: In 2012, I was able to recreate a giant version of the Crystal Maze using an industrial fan, hundreds of raffle tickets and a spectacular audience…

Tip for festival virgins: Get one of those plastic rain ponchos. It will rain.


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