This revolutionary insurance proves you’re never too old to travel

Expensive travel insurance needn’t signal the end of your vagabond days, thanks to COTA Insurance to whom age is but a number.

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Does travelling catch up with you? At 91 years young, Patricia Grove asked herself that very question. But after recently completing her 75th cruise, there are no signs of Mrs Grove packing up her suitcase for good. That’s not to say things aren’t a little tougher for senior travellers – particularly when it comes to travel insurance.

Often many older Australians, despite being fit and well, are declined travel insurance just because of their age, while those who are approved for travel insurance face high premiums and restrictions. For some, the cost of travel insurance determines whether they can afford to continue to travel overseas.

“I wouldn’t step outside of Australia without travel insurance; things can happen anywhere,” Mrs Grove says, which is why she is a loyal customer of COTA Insurance, a not-for-profit that specialises in affordable travel insurance for Australians who are over 50.

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“We want all Australians to be able to travel, regardless of their age. That’s why COTA started in insurance in the first place – older people were being declined insurance, primarily because of their age,” says Daryl Bateman, Chief Executive Officer of COTA Insurance. “We worked with underwriters to address that, so that we have no age limits under our single trip travel policies. This has allowed thousands to travel, knowing they are protected.”

“I’ve had two occasions where I’ve had to call on COTA while overseas,” recalls Mrs Grove. One of these occasions was in Singapore – on the day Mrs Grove was due to board a Princess Cruises ship. While waiting for the transfer to the port, Mrs Grove took a fall and cut her knee badly. She had to be taken to hospital and was given multiple stitches, but this didn’t mark the end of her journey, nor did it break the bank.

“The ship waited for us for 45 minutes!” Mrs Grove exclaimed. “When we arrived, there was a wheelchair and officers and nurses, and the doctor on board looked at it every day. It would have cost a mint!” But thanks to COTA, Mrs Grove says she never had a moment where she worried.

“COTA really have proved to me that they’re the way to go – I have confidence in them and they’re less expensive. It couldn’t be easier.” With no age limits for single trip policies, and a simple phone process for those with existing medical conditions, COTA Insurance is the perfect choice for older Australians with wanderlust.

COTA Insurance is underwritten by certain underwriters at Lloyd’s. Visit for a PDS to see if it’s right for you.