5 bespoke reasons to steal the soap

Gardenia, mandarin, cedar, rosewood and linden blossom – just a few of the heavenly fragranced ingredients used to make some of the best bespoke hotel toiletries around the world. These toiletries are worth the trip alone.

According to a recent survey by Hilton Hotels, 73 per cent of guests said they always take hotel-room bathroom goodies home at the end of their stay.

Over the years we’ve moved from generic to designer, and now bespoke is the new black in hotel bathroom chic. Here are our favourites brands:

1. Firmdale Hotels

Location: London and New York, to name a few
Amenities: Exclusive RikRak in-room collection including a signature scent.
Ingredients: Gardenia, rose, orange blossom

2. Alila

Location: India, China, Oman and Indonesia
Amenities: Toiletries include lip balm, natural sunscreen and insect repellent.
Ingredients: Lemongrass, mandarin, ginger

3. 1 Hotels

Location: New York, Brooklyn and Miami
Amenities: The group is said to have tested more than 100 brands before creating their own paraben-free range.
Ingredients: Cedar

4. The PuLi

Location: A design hotel in the heart of Shanghai
Amenities: Toiletries produced by the very zen Ba Yan Ka La.
Ingredients: Organic Tibetan rosewood

5. Soho House

Location: Properties from Istanbul to New York
Amenities: Signature products from its celebrated Cowshed Spas.
Ingredients: Green tea, linden blossom, frankincense

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