ATTN Bike Lovers: Pedal-Powered Travels Ahead

In celebration of the Tour de France, there’s plenty of news in bike travel…

With the news that the first leg of this year’s Tour de France, commencing 5 July, will wend its way through the picturesque English countryside of Yorkshire on its way to London and then, naturally, to France, all things pedal-powered are incredibly au courant. Whether you choose to take to two wheels for the environmental or health benefits, there are plenty of places to see on bike…

  • Banyan Tours ( are offering cycling expeditions through the mesmerisingly exotic scenery of India, from short jaunts taking in the sites of Delhi to longer journeys through Rajasthan or Kerala, stopping in at villages and meeting the locals.
  • Bicycle exchange schemes are cropping up everywhere, with Budapest just launched, Lisbon and Vancouver in the works, and nearly every city in the US worth a visit coming soon in 2014, from Altanta and Seattle to El Paso and Philadelphia
  • New York where Petal by Pedal ( has just launched, sourcing locally grown blooms to construct rustic arrangements that are then delivered across the city by bike.

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