89. Go diving in Palawan, the Philippines

Ranked #89 in our countdown of ‘100 Ultimate Travel Experiences of a Lifetime’.

We’re not quite sure how Palawan has managed to escape under the radar for so long, so it is fitting it has made it into the list this year.

Why? Because it is beautiful! An island province of the Philippines, it has a compelling history stretching back 22,000 years and encompassing Spanish rule, American rule and Japanese invasion; stunning and unique flora and fauna; towering limestone karsts rising out of deep lakes and protected coral reefs that deliver spectacular diving adventures.


One of the best places I’ve ever been snorkelling – incredible water clarity and abundance of tropical fish and corals.

– Louise Southerden


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Sun, sand and snorkelling – what more could you need? Visit blog.expedia.com.au/bucket-list to discover more about Palawan.

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