88. Trek the Kokoda Track in Papua New Guinea

Ranked #88 in our countdown of ‘100 Ultimate Travel Experiences of a Lifetime’.


No other trek will fill you with that revered Aussie spirit more so than the Kokoda Track.

Linking the southern and northern coasts of Papua New Guinea, the 96-kilometre walk follows the same path Australian soldiers took to defend our country from Japanese invasion.

Arguably Australia’s most important stance during World War II, trekking the Kokoda (which is still very much like it was in 1942) will challenge you physically and mentally as it winds through mountainous rainforest and thick jungle, over rushing streams, into deep gorges and through narrow crests – but it also fills you with unwavering respect for the Diggers who experienced it in much graver circumstances.

A definite bucket-list item for any Australian adventurer.


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