Get lost in the cobbled streets of Venice, Italy

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With its narrow alleyways and cobbled streets snaking away from the bustling watery thoroughfare of the Grand Canal, Venice is the perfect place to get utterly and completely lost.

In fact, ask most people who have ever been there and they will regale you with at least one anecdote about losing their bearings while searching for any number of gorgeous sites that proliferate in the city.

But inevitably the conclusion of the story will detail the wonderful little shop, museum, café, neighbourhood they happened upon along the way and how finding it was the highlight of their visit (OK, maybe after St Mark and the Bridge of Sighs).

So, our best advise to you on how to actually get lost? Ditch the map and have some fun.


It’s very easy to get lost, but you can’t go too far.” 

– Lee Tulloch

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