47. Volunteer in a foreign country

Ranked #47 in our countdown of ‘100 Ultimate Travel Experiences of a Lifetime’.


Voluntourism has gained in popularity over the last few years, offering travellers the chance to make a real difference, whether restoring historic houses, working on infrastructure projects, helping out in animal sanctuaries or working for children’s charities.

The destinations are varied and wide, taking in third-world as well as developing nations, as are the organisations that specialise in the placement of overseas volunteers, from charities to trade unions.
For information to help you decide on a volunteer organisation and program that will ensure your experience is positive and worthwhile for both you and the charity or community, visit volunteerinternational.org.

Because it’s the ultimate travel souvenir: it feels good and it makes a difference.


A wonderful way to see the world and help people less fortunate than you.

– Sally Webb


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