3 peace-promoting ways be a tolerant traveller

In a world where people are becoming increasingly connected, tolerance and peace are more important than ever. Here are some ways travel can promote peace.

Last year was a tough one for tolerance, with far too much vitriol flying to and fro about how people should live their lives.

But travel has long been recognised as a building block of trust and understanding, giving us the chance to experience divergent cultures and religions and dispelling the assumptions so many of us make about people and things that are different to our own concept of what is normal.

In the hope of a better year ahead, here is how you can travel with tolerance.


1. See how Albania does it: A visit to Albania is an exercise on how religions can coexist and prosper.

The small Balkan nation is hailed as one of the world’s most tolerant places after Pope Francis praised its religious harmony during a visit in 2014.

Islam and Christianity are practised side by side, with mosques and churches located near each other and interfaith marriages widely accepted.


2. Learn from the locals: Experience how others live by choosing a responsible, small-group tour. Get a real localised angle on a destination with companies like Intrepid Travel and World Expeditions.

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3. Peaceful abode: Airbnb now has a Community Commitment in place to fight bias and discrimination.

Everyone hosting or booking is now asked to agree to treat everyone – regardless of religion, ethnicity, disability or orientation – with respect.

If you decline, you will not be able to become a host or book accommodation.


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