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100 Most Incredible Cities in the World

Your votes are in and counted. International Traveller brings you the ultimate countdown of the ‘100 Most Incredible Cities in the World’, as well as the essential insiders’ tips.


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1. Paris, France
2. London, England
3. New York, USA
4. Istanbul, Turkey
5. Rome, Italy
6. Tokyo, Japan
7. Singapore
8. Melbourne, Australia
9. Sydney, Australia
10. Berlin, Germany
11. Dubai, UAE
12. Hong Kong, China
13. Queenstown, New Zealand
14. Venice, Italy
15. Cape Town, South Africa
16. Los Angeles, USA
17. Vancouver, Canada
18. Barcelona, Spain
19. Honolulu, USA
20. Prague, Czech Republic
21. Bangkok, Thailand
22. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
23. San Francisco, USA
24. Amsterdam, The Netherlands
25. Vienna, Austria
26. Las Vegas, USA
27. Phuket, Thailand
28. Florence, Italy
29. Shanghai, China
30. Budapest, Hungary
31. Dubrovnik, Croatia
32. Buenos Aires, Argentina
33. Muscat, Oman
34. Abu Dhabi, UAE
35. Auckland, New Zealand
36. Edinburgh, Scotland
37. Saint Petersburg, Russia
38. Seattle, USA
39. Wellington, New Zealand
40. Mexico City, Mexico
41. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
42. Lisbon, Portugal
43. Marrakesh, Morocco
44. Munich, Germany
45. Cairo, Egypt
46. Perth, Australia
47. Madrid, Spain
48. Whistler, Canada
49. Bath, England
50. Cusco, Peru
51. Toronto, Canada
52. Seoul, South Korea
53. Boston, USA
54. Monaco, Monaco
55. Johannesburg, South Africa
56. Kyoto, Japan
57. New Orleans, USA
58. Banff, Canada
59. Hanoi, Vietnam
60. Adelaide, Australia
61. Darwin, Australia
62. Lima, Peru
63. Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam
64. Miami, USA
65. Oslo, Norway
66. Orlando, USA
67. Milan, Italy
68. Jaipur, India
69. Zurich, Switzerland
70. Austin, USA
71. Dublin, Ireland
72. Helsinki, Finland
73. Brisbane, Australia
74. Chicago, USA
75. Christchurch, New Zealand
76. San Sebastian, Spain
77. Bruges, Belgium
78. Montreal, Canada
79. Nice, France
80. Stockholm, Sweden
81. Beijing, China
82. Lyon, France
83. Santiago, Chile
84. Hobart, Australia
85. Siem Reap, Cambodia
86. Havana, Cuba
87. Copenhagen, Denmark
88. Reykjavik, Iceland
89. Quebec City, Canada
90. Split, Croatia
91. Canberra, Australia
92. Salzburg, Austria
93. Sao Paulo, Brazil
94. Glasgow, Scotland
95. Luang Prabang, Laos
96. Mumbai, India
97. Naples, Italy
98. Seville, Spain
99. Washington DC, USA
100. Denarau, Fiji


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  • Paul says:

    Ha ha ha you must be joking!!! The 100 “Most Incredible Cities in the World”…Denarua Fiji??? Canberra, Darwin, Perth, Adelaide, Brisbane, Austin…what??? How about Jerusalem, birthplace of the World’s three main monotheistic religions? Or Valetta, Malta, a world heritage site, European City of Culture 2017 and probably the best preserved Medieval walled city in the World? This list is laughable.

    • International Traveller Magazine says:

      Hi Paul,
      Thanks for your feedback.
      We’re sorry to hear you feel that way about the results of the countdown.
      There were certainly a few surprises in the list as some cities performed better, and others worse, than we initially expected.
      However given the ‘100 Most Incredible Cities’ list was voted for by our readers, the results reflect precisely that.

      Warm regards,
      The IT Team